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At Gustafson Engineering, our clients realize lower costs, shorter design and permitting times, greater design flexibility and opportunity for client input, and optimized use of the property. We can achieve this because a professional engineer is hands-on in the design of a project through all of its phases, unlike what typically happens at larger firms.
With larger engineering companies,
a client’s project is generally assigned to a junior engineer with zero to four years of experience and a designer, without college education, who then hands the work off to a draftsperson. The professional engineer is simply the project’s manager, and the firm's objective is to have as much work as possible done by the least expensive employee.


Our objective, however, is to give our clients the benefit of a professional engineer through all aspects of the project, not just in a supervisory capacity. With Gustafson Engineering, our clients also benefit from:

  • thirty-five years of land development experience in surveying, design, permitting, and project management
  • proficiency in AutoCAD - the design is implemented directly into the plan preparation so options can be quickly evaluated
  • a thorough understanding of drainage (not just the computer models used in calculations) that allows us to best optimize the drainage design to protect the development, minimize the earthwork costs, and maximize the usable land
  • and constant, professional consideration of the performance, cost, construction, and permitting aspects of every project.

Gustafson Engineering Co.
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